While Chinwei does not feel that Singapore is a terrorist target, he has noticed changes such as more intense airplane screenings and increased surveillance. I find it especially interesting that he noticed (as a italicized below) that the media groups all terrorist groups together without differentiating their goals. I remember this point was covered in Barnett and Reynolds. This makes terrorists appear to be a much larger population than in actuality and because their goals are not covered, it appears to be without any reason. To explain more of the beginning of the entry-I said I was afraid to fly and he said it’s because terrorism is a, “small but very real” part of my life. That’s it. That so many scattered incidents can cause so much fear.

CW: Hmm.. i don’t think terrorism gets so far where i am, for one thing i don’t we’re as much of a target of as the U.S. The reason you’re feeling that is because the effects of terrorism are now a small but very real part of your life. You could potentially be a victim anytime. This answers the later question as well. The goal of terrorism generally, is to forcefully bring awareness of their presence, and perhaps the reasons why there’re doing this. No doubt terrorism is partly successful at least – indiscriminate killings targeted at innocent citizens have made people fear them. They have also influenced government policies, such as the intensive security screenings at the airports and increased surveillance on people. So, you could say they have accomplished their goals as well. I don’t think they have a specific goal in mind, other than a general jihad against the country. But then, that depends on which terrorist group you’re talking about. The media has a big role in this. One of the main things they do is that they group all attacks against the U.S, be it isolated incident or not, into a general terrorism against the U.S category. As a result terrorism is doing a lot more damage because of the media. In fact, i would go on a stretch and say terrorism relies in large part on the media in their agendas.