I think Mary Bono, a U.S. Representive from California sums up the story of Three Cups of Tea the best. Bono says, “Greg Mortenson represents the best of America. He’s my hero. And after you read Three Cups of Tea , he’ll be your hero, too” (Mortenson). The book Three Cups of Tea was unlike any book I have read before, it grabbed my attention from the second I started reading it. The story shows how Mortenson really is a hero, and wouldn’t back down from doing what was right for the children in northern Pakistan. The book motivates the average reader, that you can make an impact on someone’s life that you never imagined you could.

The book got my attention on a personal note when Mortenson mentioned, “he guided her (Christa) through the architecture of his personal cathedral at that time, the storied walls of Yosemite” (Mortenson, 9). My family and I make an annual trip to Yosemite National Park every year and I can see why someone like Mortenson enjoys the wonders of Yosemite. At that moment, I really knew what type of person, Mortenson was and it made me connect with him better as the story developed.

Mortenson was a hiker, he enjoyed being outdoors. He had his sights high when he attempted to climb K2 in Pakistan, which is the world’s second highest mountain. He came short of achieving that goal, but by not accomplishing that goal he conquered so much more. The whole time while reading the book, I kept thinking that this was not a coincidence. Mortenson could have made one turn down the K2 mountain that would had lead him to another village or area. The Northern Pakistan village and the 78 schools he has established are forever grateful that he ended up in their village. Without Mortenson, the 78 schools that he established might never have be here today.

Three Cups of Tea is an inspiring novel that makes the reader think about what they can do for the environment that is around them. I throughly enjoyed reading the book, and I hope to follow up on Mortenson’s accomplishments on a regular basis.