I am thrilled to have Frida as my pen pal. Frida is from and lives in Sweden. I have known her since she was a young high school foreign exchange student living with my family. She is bright, culturally aware and full of spunk.

I shared my “Three Cups of Tea” posting with Frida and she agrees with my opinions. She stressed her agreement about one having to take care of themselves before they can take care of anyone else. Most importantly, she believes this applies to the world over. Frida also expressed that Europeans often say that Americans seem to think they are better and more important then everyone else. She continued, one reason for their opinion is American education. Europeans notice that Americans are terrible at geography and can really only recognize the United States. Not to mention most think Europe was 1 country.

Frida and I agree it is important to help others, but make sure you can take care of your own first. Also, America needs to rid itself of its narcissistic mentality and realize that the world’s cups of tea matter too.