Three Cups of Tea Reflection

After a failed attempt to reach the summit of K2 in 1993, climber Greg Mortenson mistakenly stumbles into the remote village Pakistani village of Korphe. While there, after speaking with the local people and realizing they have no way of educating the villagers, Mortenson decides that he will return to Korphe and build a school in Korphe. Mortenson’s wrong turn on K2 leads him to a new path in life. In doing so, he learns a great deal about tolerance and understanding.

Mortenson realizes the incredible importance of education. In the beginning of his mission to build schools, he is in remote regions of Pakistan. Many of these people have had little to no education up to this point. “Terror happens because children aren’t being offered a bright enough future that they have a reason to choose life over death” (Three Cups of Tea). Through providing the tools to educate these people, Mortenson can change the direction of their lives.

In addition to educating hundreds of citizens of Pakistan, Mortenson himself obtains an education. He begins to understand the culture and customs of the Muslims, Shiites and Sunnis. When September 11 occurs, he tries to help inform the American people of these traditions and the culture through journalists located in Pakistan. He notes that his message is never truly conveyed this way. Despite this, Mortenson understands the importance of tolerance and acceptance as opposed to fear and disdain, especially during times of trouble.

Three Cups of Tea tells an inspiring story. It shows that a one man’s acts of selflessness and tolerance can make a true difference and inspire hundreds of others to do the same.