After reading “Three Cups of Tea” my own perspective of how to bring tolerance and understanding in areas marked by

terrorism and conflict are through education.   By providing education into areas marked by terrorism and conflict allows for

the investment of human capital.  Human capital leads to other things that will benefit the people socially, politically, and

economically.   Many people in these regions live in fear of the ruling regimes and are unable to have access to education

because of fear by the dictating regime to lose control in those areas if people become educated and begin to mobilize.

Through education, the people can adopt democratic ideals and a new social and political order could be established.  It will

not be an easy task to bring tolerance and understanding solely through education because many of the radicalized people

who are committing terrorist attacks are hard to persuade into a different mindset.  By slowing incorporating education into

these areas the ideology adopted by the terrorist and the ideology that they try to instill within the population they are trying

to instill fear into can be changed.  It will be an extremely difficult task to help bring this tolerance and understanding into

regions where radical religious extremist exist because they feel they are doing the work of God.