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The STRUCTURE of ESSAYS, PHRASES, CLICHES, HOW to choose the topic of the ESSAY?

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The structure of the essay

a) theoretical level

to say?

social studies is this?

how to Express your attitude to him?

4. What social science terms I need

for competent substantiate his point of view?

5. What examples from history, literature,

public life, his life experience?

Welcome the following additional arguments:

The names of his predecessors, followers or scientific opponents.

Describe different points of view on the problem or different approaches to its solution.

The instructions on the ambiguity of the used terms and concepts with substantiation that value in which they are used in the essay.

Guidance on alternative solutions to the problem.

Need to pick up the arguments(evidence), ie to remember the key terms, theoretical terms.

The argument must be made on two levels:

Theoretical level – it is the basis of social science knowledge(concepts, terminology, contradictions, opinions of scientists, thinkers)

Experiential level – here two variants are possible:

-use examples from history, literature and social reality;

-appeal to personal experience

“The author draws our attention to the fact that..”

“The author is convinced that…”

I cannot join in this statement as …

Affects the depth of thought of the great …

For me this phrase is key to understanding…

The choice of this theme is dictated by the following considerations…

Amazing space for ideas opens this short statement…

Thinking about this phrase, I come to the conclusion that …

In my opinion,the author is clearly reflected in his statement a picture of modern Russia(modern society…the situation…one of the problems of modernity…


From time immemorial it was believed…

Look at the problem from the other side…

Firstly, … secondly, … thirdly,…

Consider a few approaches…

It should be noted…

That’s why I agree with the opinion…

Summing up, it should be noted…

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