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A Greek Jouranlist’s take on radio on September 11th

As part of my first correpsondence with Eva, I asked her what she thought of my examination of radio’s involvement with the Septemeber 11th attacks.  Her response didn’t surprise me. Read more

Meeting a Greek journalist – A new perspective

Eva Manakaidu is a Greek journalist and college student at the American University in Greece.  As part of branching out and learning how other countries view terrorism, I began correspondence with her to get her thoughts on various events in the world. Read more

The Importance of Radio

September 11, 2001: Covering the Inexplicable

As the news of the attacks on September 11, 2001 began to filter in, the press was faced with an important question:  How should it be covered.  Unlike most instances of news, there was no way for individual stations to get unique coverage of the events as they unfolded.  Instead, they were reliant upon their networks and the independent stations in New York to provide the information that could be conveyed to their audience.  Read more

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Terrorism and the Press

This blog is an integral part of a special section of Honors 394 Spring 2010, Arizona State University. Rather than a routine history course this dynamic, interactive seminar explores the interplay between terrorism and television, and other media sources on-line and in print. 26 students and their global pen pals comprise the bloggers. We welcome all to share their opinions, pertinent observations, insights, comments, feedback. Please post in a responsible manner.