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Hutaree released on bond

“Nine people federal prosecutors say belong to a “Christian warrior” militia can be released on bond until the criminal charges against them are resolved, a judge has ruled. Read more

Does the US overreact?

US reactions to events try to be unbiased and focus only on the facts, but the question remains, is it successful? Read more

Ilias on SB 1070 and racism

The latest bill SB 1070 has come under a lot of fire here in the US and I wanted to know if Ilias had heard anything about it or had any opinions. It turns out he had heard of it and had VERY strong opinions concerning how sensitive America has become to the issue of racism. While this isn’t a conversation of traditional terrorism, some claim that it terrorizes innocent citizens so I found it an appropriate topic. Again, profanity has been censored; Ilias has some very passionate stances on the issue.

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Aaron Brown’s discussion with our class

Aaron Brown’s visit to our class on April 22nd helped us better understand the symbiotic relationship between terrorism and the press and helped us come closer to defining terrorism. A former anchor of CNN and a

Aaron Brown, former CNN anchor

current professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, Aaron Brown is known for his coverage of September 11th, 2001, particularly of his coverage live from New York City the day of the attacks. The insights he provided were highly pertinent to our course, given his experience covering a very familiar account of terrorism. Read more

A European Perspective

Earlier this month we had a visit from Rainer Hasters, the executive director of RIAS Berlin, a commission dedicated to the binational understanding of broadcasting in Germany and the United States.  Rainer came to the class to give us a perspective on coverage of news in Europe.
Rainer Hasters (right) with Ambassador William R. Timken Jr. – Chief of the Diplomatic Mission of the United States of America

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Ilias thoughts on Terrorism in film

Unfortunately, Ilias did not see Hurt Locker or any other film focusing on terrorism but here are his brief thoughts on the matter. The conversation was necessarily cut short because it was 4am his time.

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Ilias’s view of Munich

This is the conversation Ilias Kiritsis and I had concerning the bombing of the Munich Olympics in 1972

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War on terrorism with Nhung Nguyen

On the topic of the war against terrorism that the U.S. is the pioneer, I interviewed my pen pal Nhung Nguyen to gain an understanding of her perspective on this war. The conversation is as follow: Read more

News media in Vietnam

Recently, my pen pal and I had a conversation regarding some current media events related to terrorism. In the U.S., everyday, there are new coverage of stories all over the world in different locations. I classify myself as a light viewer, who spend less than two hours per week in front of the television screen. However, I could hardly omit the news each time turning on the television with so many choices of different news channels: CNN, BBC, Fox, MSNBC, etc. And everyday, there is a most current event get covered on television: American soldiers shooting innocent civilians caught on camera, unrest in Iran, etc. Read more

A Fourth Cup of Tea – Team 4

As we approach the end of our exploration of the concept of terrorism and its symbiotic relationship with the press, we realize that although our understanding of this topic has expanded immensely, a more thorough understanding would be achieved by examining public perceptions of terrorism, which have been influenced by the press. The press relays messages to the public

How does the press influence our views on terrorism?

about terrorism and very seldom do individuals receive information from sources outside the press; therefore, public perception can help us understand the relationship between terrorism and the press. Using Greg Mortenson’s holistic approach to terrorism in Three Cups of Tea as a model, our ‘Fourth Cup of Tea’ will explore how different forms of media interpret and present the concept of terrorism, often perpetuating inaccurate perceptions and instilling the fear for which terrorists strive. We will also examine how perceptions vary demographically.

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Terrorism and the Press

This blog is an integral part of a special section of Honors 394 Spring 2010, Arizona State University. Rather than a routine history course this dynamic, interactive seminar explores the interplay between terrorism and television, and other media sources on-line and in print. 26 students and their global pen pals comprise the bloggers. We welcome all to share their opinions, pertinent observations, insights, comments, feedback. Please post in a responsible manner.