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Meeting a Greek journalist – A new perspective

Eva Manakaidu is a Greek journalist and college student at the American University in Greece.  As part of branching out and learning how other countries view terrorism, I began correspondence with her to get her thoughts on various events in the world. Read more

Iraqi Blog Sites

One of the more impressive aspects of today’s internet is the ability for just about anyone to get online – even in cases where war may get in the way.  Just a few days ago I discovered the site where a whole list of Iraqi bloggers are maintained.  As always, our view from outside is always skewed by the media we view as do the bloggers themselves but from inside.  Not all of the blogs listed are in English not surprisingly, but there a couple of bloogers in the list I want to highlight. Read more

Northern Ireland Presentation Slides

I just wanted to add the slides we used for the Northern Ireland presentation.  Most of it was images, but still some important points also not in the study guide.

Terror expert: Media, politicians fuel distrust

In reference to the shooting that took place in front of te Pentagon. Not all terrorism is a result of religious or ethnic divides. Also, this is my first post, so I don’t know if this is going to work correctly…

Idyli’s Reaction to 9/11

Our correspondence began…”My father, a war correspondent, was covering the 9/11 attacks when they happened. I was only 11. I remember everything clearly.”  The discussions that Ms. Tsakiri and I have been having over the past few months have been enlightening to say the least. Since their inception, I have garnered a different understanding of the way that U.S. actions/inactions are perceived. Read more

Al-Qaeda kidnapping of Italian man and wife

If this is an act of terrorism, wherein there is a “use or threatened use of force designed to bring about political change” (Barnett & Reynolds 15), then it is important to note how unique this act is in the realm of terrorism. Al-Qaeda gave Italy 25 days to comply with demands, demands that weren’t clear, and ransomed an Italian couple to get its point across. The media plays a large role here, with pictures released of the civilian couple along with the vague demands. Read more

Some tidbits on the Munich film

There are a couple things I want to mention about the first half of the movie.

Some of you might have noticed Spieldberg deliberately pointing out Ehud Barak in the Lebanon raid scene – he was the leader of the raid as well – Benjamin Netanyahu’s older brother was also a commando during the operation under Barak.   Read more

Muslim Scholar Condemns Terrorism

BBC News released an article on Tuesday, March 2nd, entitled, “Muslim Scholar Condemns Terrorism.” The article begins, “An influential Muslim scholar is to issue in London a global ruling against terrorism and suicide bombing.” Dr. Tahir ul-Qadri is attempting to effectively “dismantle Al-Qaeda’s violent ideology.”

The article can be located here:

After you review the article, I would like to offer up some “food for thought.” The document ul-Qadri has assembled is approximately 600 pages long. In what way will a document of this length be an effective form of “dismantling Al-Qaeda’s violent ideology.” Populist demands, such as this one, have been utilized before; much to no avail. Could the breadth as well as the depth of this document be a step in the right direction? Or are we relying too much on the political process to correct centuries of violence and conflicting ideologies?

Why Editorials Make Bad Sources

This post is mainly a deconstruction of an article that appeared on the twitter feed as a source, and was an editorial. The editorial itself contained a number of factual errors that even five seconds of research could have fixed. This is in no way a criticism of the person who believed this was a decent source, ignorance is to be corrected, not criticized.

The article in particular is located on Al-Jazeera here: “Israel’s New War Against Islamic Sites”

This is extremely relevant to terrorism and the press because of the idea that incitements promote violence and the press spreads these allegation thereby hurting or helping the creation of demonstrations, riots, and violence.  Read more

Scandal over US-supported Sunni insurgents in Iran-How Russia’s version of CNN reports the latest


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