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Penpal: Hurt Locker

I guess I forgot to do this one because my penpal actually asked me if I had seen the move before I had.  Though in Greece it had only come out recently so it took about a year and half or so to make it over.

What I found interesting is that he viewed it as a more realistic and useful view of war than I did and really enjoyed the film.  Here’s a quick summary of what Geoge’s review, call it the one minute summary.

March  6, 2010

I saw the film today and I think it was a good one . The main character is very actor he is the main reason to see this film . The plot is intersting and the music is excelent . There were also some funny sub-plots that tried to add authenticity to a storyline based on fiction .

Ironically, most of the reasons he mentioned above are reasons are did not like the film.  The actor playing the main character is good I admit, but the character he plays is a caricature of stern heroism.  I found the sub-plots more painful than good, with large exaggerations, though some were based in fact.  The “body bomb” idea was taken from a failed attempt to assassinate a minister in SaudiArabia: A quick excerpt:

It has emerged that an al-Qaeda bomber who died last month while trying to blow up a Saudi prince in Jeddah had hidden the explosives inside his body.

Only the attacker died, but it is feared that the new development could be copied by others.

Experts say it could have implications for airport security, rendering traditional metal detectors “useless”.

It would have been an awfully painful way to die though.  The physics equations resolve into a situation in which your organs are liquified, bones turn to ash, and inner skin burned while absorbing the shockwave thereby preventing anyone from getting hurt – well, other than yourself.  Not surprisingly, no one has tried to repeat it since.  What has been much more common has been for insurgents to strap bombs onto donkeys and then claim to the local residents it was the Americans who killed their work animal.

The film overall was too heroic for my taste despite the psychoses evident in all the soldiers.

Cyber-terrorism a threat?

As anyone who knows me knows, I am a huge fan of computers.  I build them, I break them down, I use them on a daily basis and as I walk around campus its hard to find someone who doesn’t at least browse the web once a day.  So as computers permeate our lives, they are perfect targets for terrorists to gain and share information.  Is this really terrorism?  It isn’t violent and most of the time it doesn’t harm people physically or mentally because they are completely unaware it has even occurred.   How about starting viral videos of beatings, attacks or even worse, decapitations.  Does this count as terrorism? Read more

The Hurt Locker’s Story

The Hurt Locker was an excellent film about a small explosive
ordinance disposal unit and the reactions to the constant stress of battle.  I asked my pen pal what he though about the film and which soldier in the unit he would probably identify with the most.  This is his response: Read more

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Terrorism and the Press

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